Getting Ready

George and I start our Cleanse tomorrow morning! I’m actually quite excited! Sure, I’ll miss my ice cream and vodka, yogurt and some of my other favorite foods. But I’m also happy to have sort of a forced break from some of the foods that aren’t that great for me… vodka, ice cream and sugar in particular.

I sort of feel like a drug addict, getting my last fix before quitting cold turkey. I was very lax with my food log this week, going over my number most days. I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit guilty about it, but it was also nice to eat some foods I usually avoid, or have a little extra ice cream. It also helped to get my mentally ready for the next three weeks. (And the Stoli Chocolat Rasberi White Russian last night, and a couple last bites of orange pineapple ice cream were yummy!)


For the next 21 days, my diet will consist of 2-3 Standard Process Complete shakes per day, fruits and veggies, maybe some lentils or brown rice (you can have a small amount daily, but I didn’t eat any last time), and chicken and fish (days 11-21). Not so bad, right?

I make my shakes mostly with frozen fruit, which I stocked up on today. I add coconut oil to my shakes for some extra flavor and a nice texture. It’s fun to throw different things in the blender and see how it comes out. I’m also going to be more adventurous this year and try some spinach, and maybe some parsley or kale in the shakes.

Yesterday George and I went to Russo’s a market in Watertown that has any fruit or vegetable you could want. We got oranges, apples, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, mixed greens and a bunch of other yummy stuff.

And all of our supplies came yesterday…

So now we are ready!

One of the things I love about this Cleanse, is that it really helps you change the way you eat. Between the Cleanse last year and then starting the food log, so much has changed in the way I eat.

The Cleanse helped me to pick better foods, having more fruits and vegetables and less processed food. It helped me to really think about what my food was doing for me. I used to love to eat cereal for breakfast, but then I would be hungry an hour or two after. I found out that if I had a SP shake with some extra protein, not only did it taste really good, but it also kept me full until lunch, and gave me the energy I needed for the day. I don’t have a shake every morning for breakfast, but I do choose something with protein.

The food log helped me to take control. It makes me accountable for what I eat, takes the stress away of wondering if I’m eating too much or too little, and keeps me at the weight I want.

With this Cleanse I’m hoping to refine my eating habits a bit more. For the next 21 days I will follow the plan for the Cleanse. Last year, I finished, and was done, and though I ate better, I quickly went back to some old habits. Standard Process suggests you follow the plan for days 11-21 for another 3 weeks for Post-Purification, adding in foods that were avoided on the Cleanse one food group at a time (grains, dairy, etc). Honestly, I can’t avoid alcohol for 6 weeks…but I don’t want to finish 21 days and just end. So I’m coming up with my own post-purification. I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but I talked to my husband and he is on board as well. It will definitely include using the food log, drinking 64oz of water per day and having  a shake 3 or 4 days a week. Besides that I will be limiting my alcohol intake to 3 days per week….and I *might* lay off the ice cream for the extra 3 weeks…but we’ll see about that!

During the Cleanse and the post-purification I really want to focus on why I eat certain foods. Am I eating them because I’m hungry, bored, have the study munchies, out of habit? Sometimes I have a hard time letting go of emotional ties to food, so I think focusing on the good (or not so good) the food is doing to my body, I think it will be helpful.

So that’s what’s going through my head on the eve our Cleanse. I’ll be using the next 3-6 weeks as a learning experience, as another step in cultivating my future practice, to learn more about myself and my body, and also to try to pass on my love of health and fitness to my husband.

Tonight I’m meeting up with one of my favorite besties Jolene for a double date with our boys. Drinks at one of our favorite local spots, and a yummy dinner at Cygnet. Yum! A lovely way to get in some last-minute goodies (and a nice buzz) before abstaining for a while 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I love the message in this post – the food log helped you gain control and reign it in and the cleanse has helped you pick better and different choices.. I’m looking forward to reading your realizations! and last night was so fun!!

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