Thirteen Thoughts on Thursday 4.26.12

1. The Bruins lost! Sad face! I really thought they were going to at least make it to the next round. For the last couple of years I made G a Bruins cake for his birthday, now I’ll need a new idea. Hmmm.

2. Almond milk is awesome. There is also such a thing as coconut almond milk, which I didn’t know about until about 2 days ago. Since buying it and realizing the greatness of this 45 calorie per cup goodness, I have been having fun creating or tweaking recipes to make them either tastier or lower in calories, or both! I’ve had it in Almond Joy Oatmeal (a recipe I adapted from Pinterest). I’ve also been working on a lower-calorie Painkiller (you’ll know what it is if you’ve had one). AND a White Island Russian where I used my own fresh pineapple infused vodka, almond coconut milk and a some Kahlua. Yum!

3. My fingernails are getting way too long. I think I need a manicure before I start clinic. And a pedicure, and an eyebrow wax, and new clothes…. 😉

4. I could watch a combination of HGTV and Food Network all day and be perfectly content. I love watching Ina whip up yummy food on the Barefoot Contessa, and could watch about 40 episodes of House Hunters and House Hunters International without getting bored.

5. George is always busy. He seriously does not know how to relax! Well, actually, relaxing for him is spending the entire Sunday doing outdoor work around the house. I’m glad he is a hard worker and enjoys what he does, but sometimes I wish he would just chill out a bit! Here he is below on a beautiful Sunday blowing off the deck. After spending hours cleaning up the patio, which did come out looking awesome.

6. Ok, so he’s not always busy…he is also a really good Scrabble buddy. And Scrabble is way more fun on the deck or at the beach when it’s beautiful out. And made even better if it’s an extra yummy drink like this health(ier) strawberry margarita.

7. Where is the beautiful weather?? I want to sit outside and run outside and play outside and just be warm.

8. I keep flip flopping between nervous and excited for clinic. Nervous because it’s so new, I’ve been learning for a while now, but am I really ready?? Are my skills really good enough?? Excited because this is what it’s all about! Over the next three semesters it will just keep getting better and easier. I have to remember that not being perfect is ok, I’m here to learn, and it’s going to be FUN!

9. I bought my first bag of chia seeds (aka ticks LOL) about 4 months ago. I usually sprinkle them in yogurt or oatmeal, or make a wrap with peanut butter, apple and chia. The other day I tried a recipe for chocolate chia pudding, it didn’t come out good at all. I have some ways I want to change it and try it again, but I searched for some other recipes and found this recipe for Pumpkin Chia Pudding. I need to try this! Do you know any good chia recipes?

10. Another new discovery to add to my list of foods that are good (or semi-good) substitutes for the higher calorie foods that I love is Chocolate Zico Coconut Water! So it’s not real chocolate milk, but it has lots of nutritional benefits, tastes good and there is only 110 calories in the whole bottle! While perusing at the grocery store yesterday, I checked out a bottle of chocolate milk (mmmmm), over 400 calories for the whole bottle! Would be a nice treat, but I’d rather have the chocolate coconut water and save the 400 calories for ice cream! And, not that you would be surprised, I have been creating some delicious lower calorie cocktails with the chocolate coconut water.

11. I could eat whipped cream all day every day. It’s just so good! And yes, I do eat it right out of the can…

12. Tetris is the most addicting game I have on my iPhone. I should probably delete it. In the words of my friend Meagan, ‘Tetris is a time warp’. Yes it is.

13. I think I have found one of my new signature party/pot luck foods. PB&J and PB&F (Fluff) roll ups! I used Joseph Multigrain Flatbreads (90 cals per wraps, and love them!). Rolled up three different ones, PB and Strawberry Jelly, PB and Blackberry Jelly and PB and Fluff. Then cut them into bite size pieces. My guests LOVED them. I mean who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again and eat Peanut Butter and Fluff or Jelly?? Editor’s Note: You might want to eat the whole tray..


6 thoughts on “Thirteen Thoughts on Thursday 4.26.12

  1. I’m hungry after reading through this post and spying those yummy little mini-bites of pb&j goodness. Drool. I would totally want to eat the entire tray of them. YES.


  2. G is nuts. The deck? So funny. And now I see it in daylight!! Haha. You are going to do amazing in clinic!! I am already so proud 🙂 and I want to eat those rollups SO bad!!

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