Time for fun and relaxation


I went into this summer thinking it was going to be all about school and clinic. Sure, it pretty much sucks driving about 15 hours a week back and forth to school, especially with the horrendous traffic that’s been going on. But clinic is awesome, and my other classes aren’t as labor-intensive as I had thought. Almost being done with two full years as a grad student, and listening to friends talk about how tired, burnt out, and unhealthy they feel, if I am completely honest with myself, I really don’t feel that way at all! I feel great!


I honestly believe the key to my success is really staying true to who I am throughout this rigorous process of becoming an acupuncturist. As I write this, I’m hoping I’m not jinxing myself as I go into my last two semesters which will include taking the boards and dealing with licensing…

Many of my classmates are all about school. So much studying and always going for that A. I have always done well, and feel like I have a good base education, but an extra 2 hours of studying to make sure I get an A. No thanks 😉 I think it’s because with acupuncture I’ll be learning my entire life, building and changing how I want to treat, etc. I don’t feel as if I have to learn everything rightnow, and this has been so helpful. Also, learning in clinic by doing and really practicing has been making me feel so much more ready for this life I’m creating.

I also believe keeping a workout routine is so important. Especially when you are busy! There is always time to workout. Even for just 20 minutes a day if that’s all you can do. I love working out, and have been happy to be able to keep my rigorous 6 day a week workout schedule. I think this is the reason I am one of the least tired, most energetic people in my class 🙂



So…the fun and relaxation part. In part of my quest to not burn myself out and be all about school, I make sure to have fun and relax every week. Even if it’s just lounging and watching tv, or going for a drive with George. It is so important to do every day if I can, but at the very least every week. A lot of acupuncturists tell us students that it took them a year to recover from school. Really?! That doesn’t sound very fun! To avoid that fate, I believe it’s so important to have fun while in school. Ok, living near the beach and having besties with a lake house definitely helps. But if you have a busy life, whether it be work or school, please take the time to relax AND have fun:)

Kind of all over the place with this post today, but u had such fun last weekend at the lake with friends. And Thursday I didn’t have school, so spent some time at the beach. And I realized this whole summer has been so much fun even with 5 days a week at school. Seeing many of my classmates dragging made me further realize how I am not letting school take over my life, and I’m proud of that!

If you’re in a busy situation, don’t use it as an excuse. Make time for fun and relaxation, and for what you love. Because doing as much as you can of what you love is really what it’s all about, right?!



2 thoughts on “Time for fun and relaxation

  1. aww! love this! SO true. You need to make time for fun and exercise, just like you do anything else you do. Had SO much fun in Maine with you and so much fun this summer with you!

  2. YES!! It is so so so important to create your own routine, even if that routine changes by the day and to make sure that each day you carve out time for yourself, to workout, to unwind, to reconnect with loved ones. To just be! You are doing so awesome friend, I am SO proud of you! xoxo

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