Amp It Up


I can’t quite believe it, but it’s been a year since my first class at Barre N9ne studio! August 1st will mark the one year ‘barre-versary’ of starting my own 60-Day Challenge, that turned into a new, healthier lifestyle I still keep today. The end of my summer semester at NESA is also coming to a close in a few weeks, and my four year wedding anniversary is a month from today! What a wonderful time of year!

George and I have been going to Maine in August every year since before we got married. We always go to Kennebunkport and stay at our favorite B&B. It’s such a special time for us to be with each other and just get away from it all. Laugh, play scrabble, (attempt to) sleep in, eat and drink more than we should, but just focus on fun and our love for each other. Last year we decided to extend our vacation and add two nights in another part of Maine. Last year we travelled back to Boothbay where we had stayed together a few years before, when we were just dating, and not even thinking about marriage. As a matter of fact, we talked about how George never wanted to get married or have kids….but that’s a different story 😉 This year we’re hitting up Kennebunkport first, where we will eat at our favorite restaurant for our anniversary, then go further up in Maine to Georgetown, where we are so excited to try out a new B&B that got rave reviews on Trip Advisor. We are excited!!

When we went to Maine last year, I was about 3 weeks into the challenge. I had already seen changes, and had changed my eating and exercise habits. I had a little freakout about going ‘off the wagon’ a bit, but got through it, and got right back into my challenge as soon as I got back.

My plan for this year is to be mindful while I am there, but I’m not going to use my food log. I’m doing this for myself, to take a break, not think about it, and be happy about the healthy changes I will make, even though it won’t be perfect. And for George, who puts up with my over-thinking a tend to about the food log, more than I should. He deserves a break to!

In preparation for this, and to be honest, to try and help ward away any feelings of guilt or that ‘F’ word…I have decided to Amp It Up until we leave on August 22. And I’m including George…for some of it anyway. Here’s my plan 🙂

I have been lax with the food log over the summer. Doing fine during the week, but then sliding more than I should over the weekend. Not horrible, but I know I can do better, without making it feel too hard, or like a diet. So for the next month, I’m going to stick to my number as much as I can. Some things are out of my control, but at those times, I’m going to focus on healthy choices, and trust myself, instead of using it as a pass to eat whatever I want. I’m also going to focus on eating more…meaning healthier foods, and less ‘saving up’ for ice cream and liquor (aw, man! hehe). But I think this will be so helpful, and let me appreciate treats more, instead of making it an every day thing. I think I can finally do this!

My workouts will basically stay the same, usually averaging about 5 barre classes a week. But I want to amp up my running, and get 3-4 a week. I’m also adding in daily abs. And George is doing it too. We are starting tonight.. 🙂

I have been so good about drinking water for a month now, and I think I can finally call myself a water drinker! I am going to keep up with this, whether I like it or not.

And the last part of my Amp It Up, which might seem contradictory is to not be so hard on myself and really to just live this lifestyle.  I can get into the habit of never thinking I’m doing good enough, and I really need to get over that! Life is about living and enjoying. Yes that includes getting the benefit of hard work and diligence, but for being happy with that and trying to get over the always wanting more.

I’m so exciting to do this. I know it’s just the first day, but I’m already feeling a renewed happiness with the challenge, and it just feels so doable.

I started out strong this morning. The picture above is from the end of my run this morning, that I got up extra early to do. It made me feel so energized today, and ready to take on whatever comes my way. I was also rewarded with seeing a baby seal! Unfortunately you can’t see it in the picture, but that cute little head is there!




2 thoughts on “Amp It Up

  1. I love this. You can totally amp it up for the next few weeks girly – then relax (RELAX!), enjoy and try to sleep past 7am. LOL! You should post your before and after – it’s so amazing to see the transformations not just in your body but in your face. You look so happy and confident every time I see you!

  2. I love this friend! My favorite part is that first class, a year ago, and the look on your face at the end, and how much you were SOLD on it right away, and from there, how the bestie friendship started and has gotten so much stronger!! I am SO proud of you and how far you have come in so many ways out of this challenge, and love that we have such a strong support system in each other, to help each other AMP IT UP…you got this, this is an awesome way to kick it up! hot STUFF!!!

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